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Lutoslavs  Maria Pomianowska's Orchestra Lutoslavs

The project on CD present the music of the great composers from the perspective of the modern man's expectations. Although his works are the highest expressions of artistic creation, they have not yet reached the vast audience, which does not listen to classical music often. My project aims to change this situation. Due to its innovatory content, it is addressed to the broad spectrum of recipients, who listen not only to classical music, but also to other genres, such as jazz, pop or world music. The program presents Lutoslawski's music in a manner never used before. The pieces on the CD will contain a compilation the three main subjects directly connected to the  composer's work: tradition (folk sources in his compositions; chosen works of Lutoslawski along with Polish folk melodies performed on folk intruments), composition (original pieces of the composer arranged for  non-classical instruments, both European and non-European) and inspiration (creation of copyright pieces based on chosen works of W. Lutoslawski)