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Chopin on 5 continents

The Chopin on Five Continents  CD is an attempt at multicultural meeting, whose driving axis is the composer's selected masterpieces. The CD features pieces inspired by Chopin's works. It is a collision of ethnical instruments from all over the world and the classical and folk European instruments.  It is also a meeting of popular musical themes with selected Chopin's works. Besides the ethnic orchestration of the composer's works, the CD also presents fusions of Chopin's themes with the well-known melodies from Japan , China  or specially composed melodies based on the rhythms and music of Iran, India, the Balkans, Armenia, and etc.This is another attempt of ours at answering the question why the genius works, which grew out of the Masovian traditions, are understood and admired on every musical instrument in every part of the world.  pa