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Voice of suka Reborn


Extraordinarily beautiful.

Bob Spector Congratulations to ForTune for presenting us this treasure! What we have here are lovely tunes with the seeming simplicity of folk music, but newly written and subtly arranged. They range in tone from Western anthems to Carnatic forms. The music is calming but well worth careful listening. And it's done mostly with gorgeous instruments not long ago considered "historical", but now alive largely through Prof. Pomianowska's efforts. Favorite track: Służyłem ja Tobie.

 The project REBORN presents Maria Pomianowska's  original compositions dedicated to old Polish reconstructed instruments. Building on research that, for over 20 years, has had the support of Ewa Dahlig-Turek's vast knowledge, and the masterful hand of luthier Andrzej Kuczkowski, she undertook a challenge of no mean proportions: to recreate the playing techniques used on forgotten, old Polish knee-supported fiddles, the Biłgoraj suka, the Mielec suka, and the Płock fiddle. "Voice of suka" shows  climates of traditional Polish music, reverberations of Persian and Indian melodies, and rhythms of the Middle and Far East.  Thirty years of traveling throughout all of the continents has taught her that simple, old Polish instruments are capable of conversing in all the languages of the world. She inviting us to listen  their sound, reborn - an alphabet for the 21st century

Maria Pomianowska, Iwona Rapacz, Aleksandra Kauf, Patrycja Napierała

CD AVALIABLE HERE :https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/CDs-Vinyl/Maria-Pomianowska-Reborn-Voice-Suka/B01LW8392H

 DIGITAL http://bandcamp.for-tune.pl/album/the-voice-of-suka