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Tekla Badarzewska. Forgotten sound


First in Poland mongraphic CD with music of forgotten Polish female composer Tekla Badarzewska. In 2011 we celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Tekla Badarzewska's death and the 160th birthday of her song, A Maiden's Prayer, which without the Internet and television sold a record breaking million copies when the author was still alive had gained an unprecedented popularity all over the world.The original piano version was recorded by 114 record companies, including the most known labels in Europe, America and Australia. Her greatest work Tekla composed at the age of 22.The tune has been an inspiration for many generations of musicians. A Maiden's Prayer is recognized as the first international hit. It has been very popular in Japan for a number of years. Over twenty years Mr. Miyayma has managed to find a majority of the 45 original scores written by Tekla Badarzewska, some of which were completely unknown and forgotten by the broad public.  He discovered them in Warsaw, Moscow, Stockholm and at the British Library in London. It is his goal to find the remaining scores. Maria Pomianowska arranged 19 pieces of forgotten female composer for classical and ethnic instruments



Four seasons. Sacrum & Profanum

Each year in Polish tradition is traced by the recurrent rhytm of holidays, ceremonies and rituals. They are related to the important events that determine the spiritual evolution of every Christian who takes an active part in keeping vigilance during Advent, who shares the joy of Christmas, who experiances the sadness of Lent and the excultation of Easter. However the Christian holidays interwine with the almost-forgotten pagan customs, superstitions and beliefs. This kind of folk music is presenting by CD.

MTJ 2008


Musique traditionnelle 2010 La Folle Journe

Concert recorded in Nantes ( France) January 2010




Folk Chopin At the sources of his music.

At the sources of Chopin's music presents songs and instrumental melodies from area where Chopin spend his childhood.




Polish folk vol.1

Polish folk songs and dances from Mazovia area.

Vivart 2004